From trying to smoothly sail past ratio and proportion in Maths class to struggling to get the various ‘R’s in Hindi right, life was kicking my ass in the sixth grade. Like the white liquid droppings of a pigeon headed straight for my head. I was by no means a nerd. And at that point, […]


Right now, I live in this rented apartment I like to call home. Before this, I lived in a fancy flat just down the road, and before that I lived two blocks away and before that three blocks away. It’s been over two years, at this home of mine. I have another one in Calcutta, […]


Behind the old rusted iron gates lay four crumbling buildings, constructed as if to tower over a narrow path that ran through the middle. Huge Sunshine trees lent their shadows to students who crossed this beaten path, the artery of the college. A fresh mix of brown and green in spring, the path turned a […]

Lost And Found: A Day In Pondicherry

I woke up early that morning, without assistance from the usual buzzing of the alarm clock in my ear. The pit of my belly was craving breakfast but rejecting it at the same time. Churn churn churn. Were those butterflies in my stomach? Of course, I’m not in love! A quick shower later, I set […]

A Walk Among The Dead

A walk among the dead they took Under dark skies waiting to cry Archaic trees swooped to bend over And the earth could’ve almost shook Like dew drops on the back of her spine As her large dazed eyes looked around Rustling leaves beneath her feet And oh, did you hear that? Her heart Skipped […]


I mistake the neat bedsheet spread symmetrically on my bed for perfection. If I look close enough, I’ll notice how the stripes do not perfectly align with the length of the bed. I cannot unsee it, and it drives me mad. I look up at the blue blue sky, on a scorching summer afternoon, my […]

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The Sunday Girl

She is a Sunday girl. A lazy Sunday girl. On Sundays, there are no alarms to snooze. She sleeps for as long as she likes. Then half-awake, she lazes in bed. One eye dug into her soft white pillow, and with the other, she watches the summer sun, catawampus, stream into her room. She stares […]

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Death And Happiness

When Shiuli was 13, she had a nightmare. Her grandmother was on a hospital bed in a white night gown, pale and unlike her usual strong self. She had plastic pipes around her mouth, hands and body, her limp grey hair dangling in a mess. She could barely speak, besides a few incoherent syllables strung […]

Everyone Is Busy

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the word busy is defined as “having a great deal to do”. Time is a race everyone is losing. People’s Monday-to-Sunday plans are adumbrated way in advance. The plausibility to make off-the-cuff ones are even lesser. I have little patience for the perpetually busy — people who have time-tables. Our […]