Of Coloured Hair And Quirk: New Zealand Street Style

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I packed my bags for summer in November. That’s what it was supposed to be on the other side of the Equator. I checked with a few friends in New Zealand, checked the weather online – it said summer everywhere! For a skinny anemic person, hailing from the tropics, it was far from that. But it was great to see I wasn’t alone. In freezing 10-degree temperatures, there were people in layers and trenches, and then there were those in the tiniest of shorts and the flimsiest of dresses. It was unusually extreme – the way people were dressed, but that’s what made the street style there so interesting, so colourful, so fresh!

Weirdly, I didn’t feel out of place at all. Every tenth person in New Zealand has coloured hair. Nobody was looking at me lecherously. My blue hair wasn’t causing any traffic jams anywhere, much unlike what I experienced in Calcutta two days ago. I felt strangely comfortable.

I shamelessly went around asking people if I could photograph them for my blog – some posed very excitedly, some were awkward but still obliged, while some were so shy, they just couldn’t get themselves to face the camera (my phone)! I met very many exciting people along the way – some whose styles I absolutely fell in love with, and some so quirky I felt it would be great to bring to the table.

Scroll down, take a look, enjoy yourselves and be inspired!


Amelia from Auckland. Needless to say, I love her blue hair. (Auckland)


Cristina from England. She literally woke up and walked to the nearest café in her sweats. (At a pitstop in North Island)


Nabila from Malaysia. She’s a model visiting NZ on work. Totally looks it. (Queenstown)


Bonny from Wanaka. She was so shy initially, but her boyfriend encouraged her to pose. (Wanaka)


Marsella from Napier. Her mother so excitedly agreed. (Napier)


Terry from Scotland. She’s 40!! And visiting her twenty-something son.  (Queenstown)


Jennifer from Nelson. She’s a fashion designer. Not a surprise. (Napier)


Chrisna from Devonport. She consciously threw her cigarette to pose. (Devonport, Auckland)


Monica and Anna from Sydney. Best friends dressed like best friends. (Hokitika)


Kris from Wanaka.  He’s got swag! (Wanaka)


Hailey from Alexandra. She insisted she posed with her cigarette. And I was very happy. (Queenstown)


Reet from India. She’s in a Led Zeppelin tee! Period. (Queenstown)


Becky from England. She couldn’t believe I thought she was fashionable. (Wanaka)


Luke from England. Love this hipster! (Wanaka)


Hanna from London. This bartender posed in the exit because everyone inside knew her! (Wanaka)


Sasha from Queenstown. Gym clothes don’t care. (Queenstown)


Becca from Alexandra. Oh so sophisticated! (Queenstwon)


Stu from Queenstown. He is the funniest boat guide EVER! (Milford Sound)


Kuda and Zara from Australia. Zara jumped on her sister, and she didn’t seem to like it. (Queenstown)


Tainui from New Zealand. My first victim. He was a sweetheart! (Bangkok airport)

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