Black and white reminds me of the past – things that happened in colour, but are remembered in monochrome. Like an old photograph, dusted and tattered, but still so beautiful. One of my fondest memories is that of my tenth birthday. I was obsessed with black andwhite, and bows, so much that my mother decided […]

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Lights Out

Diwali’s changed. It isn’t the most exciting time of the year, when we all got together and the lights were blinding. It’s changed because I’m not home. Going to Calcutta in November has become a rarity. I fool myself into believing that Diwali’s overrated, that we all grew up, that it can never be what […]

About A Place, With Love

From when I was seven, my mother took me every year to Merry Flower in New Market. Each year, we bought the same balloons, streamers and confetti but a different Khoi bag. On birthdays, my house wanted to look like a small Indian version of Mardi Gras, for which we had to go to New […]

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The Art Of Being Confused

When I first moved to Bangalore about four years ago, the only thing I knew was I wanted to live by myself. I’d been wanting to do that since I started college. It’s how I imagined my life to be. My mother, who had accompanied me to Bangalore for a short while, would constantly pester […]

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