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Narrow winding streets, houses that anyone would love to live in, full-bloom Gulmohar flowers shaken and strewn all over the place, the lack of human beings, the smell and serenity of a familiar neighbourhood just after a downpour, and above all, the uncertainty of whether it’s going to rain again or not, are just a few things I’d wish for in the otherwise concrete jungle we live in. And seldom, all of these things happen to happen at the same time. Walking in a colony such as this one is so sincerely peaceful. Some quaint, some obvious, some old-school and others contemporary, these streets are a labyrinth of houses I can’t help but admire. There’s just so much beauty in all of them put together. Individually, not quite.

This particular neighbourhood, not far away from where I live, has been my unwinding pad ever since I discovered it – it has been about three years or so, but I’m lost each time I go there. Just walking around the place aimlessly for hours on Sundays, despite the scorching sun, never felt tiresome. Observing a dog or two, being in awe of just the number of trees, staring at my favourite houses over and over, and getting lost and found, there was never any sense of boredom. In fact, I’ve only wanted to visit more with each time. And the thoughts I’d think while enjoying the view would magically loom only in the presence of this familiar surrounding. A certain sense of belonging. It’s almost strange. There couldn’t have been a better location for this rainbow of an outfit I’m wearing … To remind myself that a ton of happiness can be found even in insignificant, tiny, wriggly lanes.

Last weekend, I was invited for a brunch-flea market at the Royal Orchid by Opus in collaboration with Junglee. It was yet another cloudy, but beautiful afternoon. So many colours, so much happiness. Everything looked just so perfect. An incredible effort on their part to promote niche designers in Bangalore, there were about five stalls with varied merchandise. My eyes fell upon this quirky skirt by The Sewing Machine and I instantly wanted it. The quirky “Obus” was something I was dying to drive, but alas … Reminded me of the trippy Volkswagen Kombi from Woodstock days. The Obus will be moving around town. If you happen to spot it, point your phone and shoot! Makes for a great picture!










Graphic Neon Muscle Tee – Hampi Streets
Chevron Printed Skirt – The Sewing Machine
Orange Ballet Shoes – Westside
Floral Canvas Sling Bag – Max Fashions
Candy Orange Frames – Calvin Klein at Anglo American Optical
Red Floral Dress – Forever 21
Photography – Vishal Dey
Event Photography – Mohit Sadarangani
Tartan Toast and Taxis | Opus | The Sewing Machine

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